Escrow Officers

Anthony Leonard
Escrow Officer, Branch Manager
West Coast Escrow
9000 Sunset Blvd. Ste 100
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Office: 310-859-3860
Fax: 310-859-3915

  • Specializing in Residential, Short Sales, Commercial REO, 1031 Exchange and Refinance.
  • With a Juris Doctorate in Law, over twelve years of escrow experience and thousands of satisfied realtors, home buyers and sellers. Anthony can handle the most complex of transactions.
  • Anthony is known for his attention to detail, accessibility and professionalism. With friendly and consistent communication, you can be assured that your transaction will close efficiently and smoothly.
  • Anthony’s team is committed to truly remarkable service. Let us know how we can customize your escrow transaction to fit your professional style.

I pride myself in being one of the most reliable and efficient escrow officers in the business
-Anthony Leonard.

Cliff Young | Senior Escrow Officer
Escrow of the West, Beverly Hills Branch Office
9440 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 310
Beverly Hills 90210
Office: 310.402.5555
E-Fax: 310.424.4043

With over a decade of experience in the industry, including managing the operational end, I specialize in Hard Money Loans as well as Sales, Refinances, REO’s, Short Sale Transactions, Tracts and Commercial Purchases.

Our Team Goal is to provide the best, most immediate service that addresses your client’s concerns. We work hard to achieve this goal by always taking extra time required to ensure the best possible

While I am happy to provide recommendations of Expert Service Providers, I cannot and do not guarantee the performance of the Provider. Please call them, compare their services, ask if they are licensed, certified and carry liability insurance (where applicable) and choose the one you want. In addition you should also go online to or others of similar nature; they provide ratings an customer satisfaction notes”